Expansion Soundpacks

Expansion Sound Libraries for MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 • MODX Plus/6/7/8

FM-X Universe Expansion Pack
for Yamaha Montage & Modx (M/Plus/6/7/8)

57 pro-voices using only the FM-X engine

• Expand your Yamaha Montage & Modx (M/Plus/6/7/8) sound palete with Top Quality pure FM-X engine sounds!.

• This Yamaha MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 - MODX M/Plus/6/7/8 Expansion Sound Library contain 57 professional quality performances!

• In this Yamaha MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 - MODX M/Plus/6/7/8 Expansion Sound Library you will find among others: Soundscapes, Drones, Pads, Polysynth, Leads, El. Pianos, Synth Keys and many other pure FM-X engine pro sounds, to expand your sound palette.

• The sounds come from my personal sound collection and I carefully handcrafted every sound in my studio and on live performances.
I personally program the performances and i spend many hours of sound programming in order to achieve the perfect sound in Yamaha MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 - MODX M/Plus/6/7/8

ONLY SYNTH SOUNDS !!!! - If you're looking for acoustic organs sounds, this sound packs is NOT FOR YOU !!!

Price: 10.50 Euro

Technical Details:
- You will download a "Library" (.X8L) and a "User" (.X8U) file so you can choose in which memory part of your keyboard you will add the data (Library Slot or User Memory)
- In order to use this Expansion Sound Library with your MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 you must have the latest firmware V3.50 update installed.
The sound library may not work as expected with older firmware.
ModX users can add the Expansion Sound Library without problem with older firmware, but latest firmware (V2.51) is always recommended.
- I know that this pack NOT compatible with other keyboards except MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 - MODX M/Plus/6/7/8!!!
Tested and works fine on Montage & ModX with the latest firmware
More Info:
Here i sell ONLY the sound pack, The keyboard itself is NOT INCLUDED!!!
NOTE: this is Digital Download ONLY, nothing additional to receive via physical postal service or other delivery method

About Delivery:
Once item has been purchased & the payment has been cleared, WITHIN 24 HOURS IN BUSINESS DAYS you will receive in your e-mail address shown on PayPal a link to download all the Presets pack - NO RETURNS ACCEPTED!!!
Expansion Sound Library for Yamaha MONTAGE M/Plus/6/7/8 - MODX M/Plus/6/7/8 with pro sounds using only the FM-X engine
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