Expansion Soundpacks

Expansion Packs for Yamaha Arrangers

Acoustic Pianos

Montage Acoustic Pianos

50 pro-voices of Acoustic Pianos from Montage

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The Hamamatsu Grand Piano

8 pro-voices from a state of the art Japanese Grand Piano

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9 pro-voices of an Italian GRAND PIANO

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6 pro-voices from a Vintage American UPRIGHT PIANO

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The American Heritage Baby Grand

6 pro-voices from a Vintage American Baby Grand Piano

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The Osaka Grand Piano

7 pro-voices from a state of the art Japanese Grand Piano

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The Satin Mahogany Piano

10 pro-voices from a vintage Mahogany Grand Piano

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The Moscow Grand Piano

6 pro-voices from a vintage Russian Grand Piano

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The SP88x Stage Piano

30+ pro-voices from Kurtzweil SP88x stage piano

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The RD Stage Piano

6 pro-voices from the RD physical modeling stage piano

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EMT-10 Piano Sound Module

19 pro-voices from Yamaha's EMT-10 Piano Sound Module

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