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Expansion Packs for Yamaha Arrangers

Planet JUPITER Expansion Pack
for Yamaha Tyros 5, Genos, SX 900/700/600 PSR 975/775/970/770/670, A5000, A3000

65+ pro-voices from the early 80's flagship synth

• Expand your Yamaha Tyros 5, GENOS, SX900, SX700, SX600, PSR s970, s975, s770, s775, s670, A3000 sound palette with this sublime sound expansion pack with Top Quality samples from the JUPTER-8 early 80's classic analog synthesizer!

• This Yamaha Tyros 5, GENOS, SX900, SX700, SX600, PSR s970, s975, s770, s775, s670, A3000 Expansion Sound Pack contain 65+ professional quality sounds!

• The Jupiter-8 is a 8-voice polyphonic, 2 VCOs analog subtractive flagship synthesizer introduced in early 1980's.
The instrument had many advanced features for its time, and considered one of the greatest classic analog synths of all time.
Next to the Sequential Prophet-5, this synthesizer represents one of the milestones in the history of polyphonic analog synthesizers. Its sounds are warm, powerful and massive.

Even today, the Jupiter-8 ranges technically among the top synths of all times. It’s the most reliable polyphonic analog (pro) synthesizer of the synth-pop era. A piece of technical mastery.
creating sounds that were so unreal and amazing that they have to be heard! No other synths in the world can create analog sounds as cool and authentic as these.

The characteristic sound of the Jupiter-8 can be heard on many songs from the early 1980s onward, but it is still being recorded to this day.

Expansion Pack for Yamaha Arrangers - Roland Jupiter 8

This keyboard was the first selection for Synth-pop recording where the synthesizer featured as dominating instrument, but also used in film music, and almost every professional music applications in early 80's.

In this Yamaha Tyros 5, GENOS, SX900, SX700, SX700, PSR s970, s975, s770, s775, s670, A5000, A3000 Expansion Pack you will find the among others: Great Rich Pads and PolySynth Sounds, Synth Basses, Brass, Leads, Percussive Synths, Organs etc.

I spend last two years creating this sublime sound collection for Yamaha Tyros 5, GENOS, SX900, SX700, SX700, PSR s970, s975, s770, s775, s670, A3000.
The sounds come from my personal sound collection and I carefully handcrafted every sound in my studio and on live performances.
I'm not lucky enough to own a JUPITER-8, so for this project I personally record the samples from hardware and software emulations using top notch studio equipment and i spend many hours of sound programming in order to achieve the perfect sound in Yamaha Tyros, GENOS, SX900, SX700, PSR s970, s975, s770, s775, s670, A500, A3000.

W A R N I N G:
You can't find this sounds for free in forums or buy them in a cheap 32.323 sounds bundle for 3 Euros...
If you are looking for this type of material THIS PACK IS NOT FOR YOU !!!
If you are satisfy with free and cheap garbage sounds THIS PACK IS NOT FOR YOU !!!

This listing is for buyers who want EXTRA QUALITY PROFESSIONAL sounds for their Yamaha Arranger!

Price: 17.5 Euro

Technical Details:
- You MUST have flash memory expansion module installed on your Tyros 5 (512MB is enough). ALL sounds are containing extra samples which are not present on the original wave memory.
- The size of this pack is +/- 98MB
- This is a .ppf expansion pack for Yamaha Expansion manager
- In order to use this pack you need to have installed in your computer YAMAHA EXPANSION MANAGER (YEM)
- I know that this pack is not compatible with older Tyros 4,3,2 and 1
Tested and works fine on Tyros 5, Genos, SX900, SX700, PSR 975, 775, 970, 770, 670, A3000
More Info:
Here i sell ONLY the sound pack, The keyboard itself is NOT INCLUDED!!!
NOTE: this is Digital Download ONLY, nothing additional to receive via physical postal service or other delivery method

About Delivery:
Once item has been purchased & the payment has been cleared, WITHIN 24 HOURS IN BUSINESS DAYS you will receive in your e-mail address shown on PayPal a link to download all the Presets pack - NO RETURNS ACCEPTED!!!
Yamaha Expansion Pack for Genos, Tyros, PSR - Roland Jupiter 8

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